In a New York Minute (or Three)

Ch-ch-check it out… NYC in 3:

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Read All About It

I have an addiction to two things… t-shirts and skinny jeans. Neither is lacking in my closet. (Side Note: I actually have a lot of addictions when it comes to items in my closet) I usually start an outfit with a simple tee and then layer around it. It’s the most basic staple, yet you can do so much with it (ie- dress it up or down, wear it on the weekend or to work, etc.). I usually go with your classic plain, men’s Hanes tees, but I like finding ones that are different and dope….

Now here’s something that a lot if you may not know about me either… I love to read. I love books: the smell of old ones, reading my favorites over and over, collecting as many as I can. I especially love the classics, I feel as though no one writes stories like that anymore.

You all may be wondering what do these two things have in common?? Out of Print Clothing is what they have to do with each other. They have these awesome tees with book cover art on them. Not only are they dope as fuck, but they also do some good too:

“Books on shirts. Shirts on a mission.

Out of Print celebrates the world’s great stories through fashion. Our shirts feature iconic and often out of print book covers. Some are classics, some are just curious enough to make great t-shirts, but all are striking works of art.

We work closely with artists, authors and publishers to license the content that ends up in our collections. Each shirt is treated to feel soft and worn like a well-read book.

In addition to spreading the joy of reading through our tees, we acknowledge that many parts of the world don’t have access to books at all. We are working to change that. For each shirt we sell, one book is donated to a community in need through our partnerBooks For Africa.

How we read is changing as we move further into the digital age. It’s unclear what the role of the book cover will be in this new era, but we feel it’s more important than ever to reflect on our own individual experiences with great literary art before it’s forever changed.

What’s your story? Wear it proud.”

Just check out some of their stuff that I may need immediately:

Out of Print Clothing

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Bad-Ass Night Rider

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So, I guess I’m back. This is the second time I’m attempting to re-start this blogging thing. The problem is, sometimes I’m too busy for it and sometimes I’m too bored with it. However, lately I’ve been finding some really rad and bad ass shit that I want to share with people. So, we will see how it goes, who knows what will happen.

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Garance Dore Interview

Hilary Moss of the Huffington Post interviewed Garance Dore (whom I love, love, love!). Click HERE for the full interview on Garance’s view on blogging, her future, her top fashion picks, and a possible TV show with Scott Schuman.

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It’s all in the details

All The Pretty Birds

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Don’t you just wish this would happen again?

Sigh… Well at least I got my Circa Survive and Coheed and Cambria at Central Park tickets in the mail last week… So now, here’s this:

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